Hate Cakes:  Every year Salman Khan’s  birthday is  brought  in at his family farm in  Panvel .Salman  hates cutting cakes on his  birthday. Since the family insists on  the  cake-cutting ceremony he makes one  of his  nephews do the  needful. There is   a clamour among Salman’s nephews as to who will  cut the cake for  ‘Chachu’

Salman Chahchu- the superstar: Salman’s brother  Sohail’s sons Nirvaan and Arhaan are very close to Salman. In fact they’re as attached to their ‘Chachu’ Salman as they are to their own father. Nirvaan already has  plans  of  becoming an  actor. He  seeks his Chachu’s advice and guidance  regularly.

No Smoking No Drinking: Bollywood star Salman Khan has given up smoking and drinking alcohol, mainly due to health concerns.

Life long Friends and Enemies: Makes friends for life but but also makes enemies for  a lifetime….Or so  he says. Doesn’t suffer backstabbers easily. Considers  Vivek Oberoi  a serious backstabber. However  most of the  other ‘lifelong enemies’ gradually turn into friends and are known to wriggle their way back into Salman’s favour.Himesh Reshammiya and  Subhash Ghai are  prime examples.

No Physical Contact: Salman Khan hates any kind  of physical contact with  anyone except  his two Moms Salmaand Helen. Even  friends get  a  very tentative hug. Brothers Arbaaz, Sohail and Salman never cuddle up or  snuggle together. Salman  is plainly and simply  shy of physical intimacy.

Love for Soaps: AmazinglySalman Khan has a love for Soaps. Salman Khan’s bathroom at home is stacked with soap and natural fruit and vegetable extracts has more liking.

No Email ID: Salman Khan don’t have personal email id till date and always like to discuss things on call or in person 

Great Swimmer: Salman Khan is a great swimmer since childhood. When he was in school he was once considered to represent at national level in Swimming competition.

College Dropped Out: Salman worked as an assistant director after he dropped out of St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai. He even tried his hand at modelling before acting.

Scriptwriter: Do you know? Salman Khan had written three scripts before he became an actor. They are Baaghi, Chandra Mukhi and Veer.

Love for Chinese food: Salman Khan likes Chinese food the most and his favourite restaurant is “China Garden” in Mumbai.’

Fatwas: Two fatwas have been issued against him – one relates to the wax statue of him in Madame Tussaud’s, the second is in connection to his presence at Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations

Hema Malini FanSalman Khan’s favorite actress is Hema Malini while his favorite actor is Sylvester Stallone.

Not a Selfie Man: Salman is not at all a tech-savvy person. In fact, before the shoot of the song Selfie Le Le Re from Bajrangi Bhaijaan, he did not know what selfie meant.

First Love: Nobody knows about Salman’s first love which transpires way back during he was still a teenager. He was affected with Shaheen, the parental granddaughter of Ashok Kumar. She was a model back then after as per the reports, Salman was at just nineteen at that time. The affair was entirely a deliberate one as there were talks in reverse also them confining the screw.

Earn More than Hollywood Stars: Salman Khan earns more than Hollywood actors like Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp.

Maine Pyar Kiya: Salman and Mohnish Behl auditioned for Maine Pyar Kiya together. They ended up playing hero and villain.